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Living Word Galena - Living Word Lutheran Church LCMS Galena, Ohio

Welcome to the podcast site for Living Word Galena! We're glad you found your way here and hope that the messages here are uplifting and filled with teachings that you can apply to your daily life. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions - 

Jul 30, 2018

When we see clouds we see constant reminders of the love of God for us. Listen this week as Pastor Derrick shares the importance of the covenant God made with Noah and what it means for us today. 

Jul 22, 2018

How can a tree remind us of Christ? If you were a child who like to climb trees, then you may want to check this message out. Listen this week as Pastor Derrick shares a story of a backyard tree and how it reminded him of Jesus. 

Jul 19, 2018

As we wrap up this series on Song of Songs we hope you've found a new way to find Jesus on every page even on the harder to comprehend sections of the Old Testament. This week Pastor Derrick shares how great an image we see of Christ in the message of Solomon and his bride. 

Jul 9, 2018

When we begin to see Jesus the way the woman saw Solomon we'll be even more in awe of His power and presence in our lives. Listen this week as Pastor Derrick gives us a glimpse into the woman's heart. Then be ready to see the whole message get turned on its head. 

Jul 1, 2018

When we know the story of the Bible, we'll get a better understanding of how great God's love for us truly is. Even when we didn't want to be loved, he pursued us and loved us in-spite of ourselves. When we push him away and live lazy faith lives, Jesus knocks and calls us to let him in. He desires us to...