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Living Word Galena - Living Word Lutheran Church LCMS Galena, Ohio

Welcome to the podcast site for Living Word Galena! We're glad you found your way here and hope that the messages here are uplifting and filled with teachings that you can apply to your daily life. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions - 

Jan 28, 2018

Ever wonder what the path of discipleship looks like? Well, this week we meet up with the first men who were called to follow Jesus. We call them disciples. But what is a disciple? What are the qualifications for being a disciple? How much do we have to have in order before we can follow Jesus? Listen as Pastor Derrick...

Jan 22, 2018

This week's message stepped away from our series for a minute to hear a powerful truth about how God sees you. Did you know that God would, and did give up anything for you? Did you know that when he sees you, that he sees you as precious, honored and that he loves you? Listen as Pastor Derrick shares this powerful...

Jan 14, 2018

What was significant about Jesus' baptism? How did Jesus' baptism show us the importance of baptism in our own lives? Why is baptism such a HUGE deal? Listen as Pastor Derrick shares the special symbols we have in the bible that remind us the importance of baptism for us today. 

Jan 8, 2018

What is this thing called Epiphany? And why is it so important? This week we continue moving from cradle to cross with a visit from the Wisemen. So what's the point of their visit and what does it mean for us? Listen as Pastor Derrick shares the importance of this day in the life of the follower of Christ. 

Jan 2, 2018

This week we began a new sermon series titled Cradle to Cross to Crown. Over the next many weeks we'll be looking at the steps of Jesus as he goes from humble beginnings to terrifying ends to earn our glorious crown. 

This message revolves around the events of the 8th day of Christmas, Jesus' naming and circumcision. As...