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Living Word Galena - Living Word Lutheran Church LCMS Galena, Ohio

Welcome to the podcast site for Living Word Galena! We're glad you found your way here and hope that the messages here are uplifting and filled with teachings that you can apply to your daily life. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions - 

Jan 31, 2016

It's easy to make excuses. We do it all the time. Even some of the biggest names in the bible made excuses. Listen this week as Pastor Derrick shares why there's no need for excuses. 

Jan 17, 2016

As we conclude this sermon series on things that happen In Christ, we focus on how we are now being forged in Christ. Being forged is a painful process but it's necessary in order for us to carry the image of Christ where we live, work and play. Listen this week as Pastor Derrick shows us how we can be forged in Christ...

Jan 13, 2016

As followers of Jesus we talk a lot about baptism and following Jesus but what exactly do these have to do with our lives today? Listen this week as Pastor Derrick shares the profound power of baptism not only for our eternity but also for our lives today in the very places where we live, work and play. 

Jan 3, 2016

If you could have anything you could ask for, what would it be? This week we come face to face with an offer to have anything for which we ask! Whether you're a leader of many or a follower of some, this message is for you. True leadership and being a good follower all have something in common. Listen to see what...