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Living Word Galena - Living Word Lutheran Church LCMS Galena, Ohio

Welcome to the podcast site for Living Word Galena! We're glad you found your way here and hope that the messages here are uplifting and filled with teachings that you can apply to your daily life. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions - 

Aug 31, 2015

There's a war brewing around us. It's war that's been around for ages. Admittedly we feel more prepared for this war than others, but there's no doubt about it - we are armed and dangerous! Dangerous to the enemy. But who is that enemy? Listen as guest preacher Terry Cripe, President of the Ohio District of the...

Aug 24, 2015

There are tons of books written on good marriages filling bookstore shelves. Each of them take their own unique twist on the marriage relationship. But what if there was a single approach to all relationships that could set you up for success in everything you do? Listen this week as Pastor Derrick shares what makes...

Aug 17, 2015

Replacing the original is usually not a great thing. As a matter of fact some things just are never the same when they're replaced. But Paul introduces us to a new thing, a replacement, that is better than where we started. Listen as Pastor Derrick shares this replacement and how it's better than the original. 

Aug 10, 2015

As followers of Jesus we know that Jesus is important for our past because he died for our past sins. And we know that he's critical for our future because he is the reason we have a future hope. But what about today? Listen this week as Pastor Derrick explains the reason Jesus is important today! 

Aug 2, 2015

Different but the same, that's the way to describe us all. We have our uniquenesses but we also are part of one body. Listen this week as Pastor Derrick explains how we can learn about our role in following Jesus from the way our body operates.